Dany Versavel has a problem with his son : as a 15 year old he does not want a father who’s spending his time behind bars. For Dany, his son is all he has, that’s why he decides to escape from prison to finally spend time with him. Between escapades, deals and small pleasures, he passes on his education to his son.
Directed by François Damines, Mon Ket is a hilarious film based on hidden camera scenes, describing a special relationship between father and son. Mikros Liège handled the visual effects including the prison escape sequence opening the movie.



Director: François Damiens 
Production: Artémis Productions & Chi-Fou-Mi Productions
VFX supervisor: Philippe Frère
VFX producer: Géraldine Thiriart
CG supervisor: Stéphane Thibert
Mikros Image Liège's Team