Into the Night is Netflix's very first Belgian production! It’s an upcoming apocalyptic sci-fi drama series, created by Jason George, known for the series Narcos. The show centers around the ‘lucky’ passengers and crew of an overnight flight out of Brussels, as they attempt to fly west — into the safety of the dark night. 

One week after its release, the series was ranked #1 in the TOP 10 series in Belgium and #2 in the TOP 10 series in France! Congratulations to our French and Brussels teams who worked on the 900 VFX shots as well as the post-production image of these series!



Created and written by: Jason George
Production:  Entre Chien et Loup
Post-production supervisor :  Jo Nijns

VFX: Mikros Paris
Post-production: Mikros Belgium
DI Management: Arnout Deurinck
Title Credits: Annelies Vaes
Post-production coordination: Sophie Schyns
Post-production supervision: Wim De Rick
Grading: Richard Deusy