Flanders, 18th century. The people are poor and exploited by the umpteenth occupier. Jan de Lichte and his friends form a ransacking gang of robbers who leave a bloody trail through Flanders. Together they rob stage coaches and castles and give back to the poor, turning Jan de Lichte into a mythical hero. In addition to Matteo Simoni, a lot of A-list Flemish actors signed up to star in this epic new television series.

Mikros Brussels did all the the visual post-production for this exciting and ambitious production from Menuet. From handling the rushes over visual effects & compositing to grading and finishing with the title design.



Directors: Maarten Moerkerke, Robin Pront, Pieter Van Hees
Production: Menuet
Post Producer: Griet Meukens
VFX supervisor: Wim De Rick
VFX: Annelies Vaes, Robin Sinnaeve, Tim Trenson
DI: Pieter-Jan Uvyn 
Title design: Annelies Vaes 
Grading: Olivier Ogneux