When the British left Burma, about 60 years ago, the Burmese government embarked on a still ongoing civil war against the many ethnic minorities in the country, including the Karen people. Over the years, many Karen fled the state to neighbouring Thailand. I AM GOLDEN KAREN tells the story of Thaawa, a young Karen rapper, who is part of an entire generation that has grown up in Thailand, but nurtures a strong desire to return to their motherland.

In this film, we follow Thaawa as he (re)negotiates his identity from being a young migrant arriving in Bangkok to becoming a father. He questions his responsibilities towards the family and his desire to both settle in Thailand and return to Karen State, Burma.



Title design:  Annelies Vaes
Illustration & animation: Tim Trenson
DI:Robin Sinnaeve and Pieter Jan Uvyn
Colourist: Pieter Jan Uvyn
Post production coordinator: Sophie Schyns


Production: Visualantics
Producer: Steven D'hoedt
Directors: Maui Druez & Preben Verledens
Editor: Beppe Leonetti
Original music:
Simon Carlier