Documentary series where we meet 6 populations in transition via the microcosm of the local barber shop: in Rio de Janeiro, barber Pedro picks teenagers from the street to teach them a profession. The inhabitants of Clacton-on-Sea reflect on post-Brexit society. In South Africa, post Mandela era, the white middle class is degrading to poverty. Detroit’s young and old inhabitants, each in their own way, have learned to overcome the city’s bankruptcy. The Sahrawi refugees question the fight for their land. In India, hairdresser Soniya helps her clients to fight for women’s rights.

Barbershop dives in the daily life in and around the barbershop and in every episode, a population finds itself on the verge of change and a barber plays his role. As opinion maker, as confessor, as story collector, as society barometer. Gradually, Barber Shop measures the state of our world, offering dialogue and human resilience as a hopeful perspective for the future. Mikros created the opening credits for this serie. Check it out here !


Opening sequence & title design:  Annelies Vaes
Planning: Sophie Schyns

Writer & Director:  Luc Vrydaghs
Production:  Cassette for Timescapes
Producer:  Emmy Oost