During the Gold Rush in 1850 in the Far West, the Sisters Brothers, Eli and Charlie, famous hitmen, are in charge of finding Herman Kermit Warm with the help of the sharp Morris. Warm is hard to get and what started as an ordinary mission turns out to be a dangerous hunt through the country. Can they really trust Morris? And what about the precious secret that Warm is keeping? Eli starts to question the mission he engaged in.

 Mikros Liège handled all visual effects. Congratulations Jacques Audiard with the price of Best Director at the 2018 Venice Film Festival. We are proud of the visual effects we did and to have post-produced The Sisters Brothers!



Director: Jacques Audiard
Executive producer: Sophie Denize
VFX producer: Véronique Dessard
VFX supervisor: Cédric Fayolle
2D supervisor:  Guillaume Pondard
3D supervisor:  Stéphane Thibert
Mikros Image Liège’s team


Lab & DI Department 
Data manager: Jimmy Christophe
DI Supervisor: Arnout Deurinck
Executive producer: Annick Pippelart
Technical coordinator: Antoine Wrotny
Colorist: Fabien Pascal