Giulio, a seventeen-year-old from a well-to-do family, is sent to a boarding school. In this isolated place in the Alps, where iron-clad rules limit all contact with the outside, he makes friends with Edoardo, who is rather odd. Their friendship is sealed by frequent escapes at night, when the surveillance of the students seems to lapse. They begin to frequent a nightclub hidden in the forest, which becomes a refuge for the two young men.

This is where they meet Elena, a prostitute, and become fond of her. Suddenly, they discover that the transgressions they have kept hidden are actually part of the school’s educational program. And yet there must be a way for them to become truly free... Color grading and Di for Children of the night was done by Mikros, as well as the creation of all VFX.



Director:  Andrea de Sica
Starring: Vincenzo Crea, Ludovico Succio, Fabrizio Rongione,...
Production:  Tarantula Productions
DOP: Stefano Faliverne

Post-production:  Mikros image Liège
Color grading:  Franck Ravel
DI:  Arnout Deurinck & Chiara Pontuali
DI Coordinator:  Annick Pippelart